DSCR Rental Loan

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DSCR Rental Loan

Purchase or refinance of 1-4 unit properties (SFR, duplex, triplex, 4-plex) based on the cash flow performance of the property

Property Types

Residential 1-4 units

Loan Amount


Maximum Loan to Value

Up to 80% on Purchase/Rate & Term Refinance, up to 75% on Cashout Refi

Term Length

30 years

Rate Types

30 yr fixed or 5/7/10 ARM (incl. I/O)

Minimum DSCR


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What is a DSCR Loan?

A DSCR loan is based on the rental income of the property and not the personal income/assets of the borrower. Short for Debt-Service Coverage Ratio, a DSCR loan is perfect for investors who want to scale up their real estate investing business. Usually held in a business entity such as an LLC, the DSCR loan will not count against the personal debt (DTI) ratios of the borrower. Also, even though there is a personal guarantee normally given on the DSCR loan, it will not report to personal credit so long as the loan is paid and maintained in good standing.

DSCR Ratio = Rental Income / (Principal + Interest + Taxes + Insurance)


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