Rental Portfolio Loan

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Rental Portfolio Loans

Landlords at all levels, we’re here to get the portfolio financing you want. Many real estate investors take advantage of our flexible guidelines to get portfolio financing whether you own 5 units or 500 units. Asset-focused lending: no income or employment verification needed, and your personal DTI ratio is not considered.

The Best Portfolio Loans for Real Estate Investors

Purchase or refinance of a collection of rental properties based on the cash flow performance of the properties

Property Types

Residential 1-4 units (incl. 5-8 multifamily units up to 15% of loan value)

Loan Amount


Maximum Loan-to-Value

Up to 80% LTV on Purchase/Rate-Term Refinance, to 75% on Cash-out Refinance

Term Length

5, 10, and 30 years

Rate Types

5/10/30 yr fixed rate or 5/7/10 ARM (incl. I/O)

Minimum DSCR

1.20 (and 90% occupancy)

Rental Portfolio Loans - Streamline Your Property Holdings

A rental portfolio loan allows the real estate investor to combine multiple rental properties into a single mortgage. The benefits of a portfolio loan include reduced closing costs, consolidation of loans to a single lender, and one periodic loan payment across multiple investment properties.

The investor will likely also see improved loan terms as the portfolio size grows. Due to economies of scale, many lenders will be able to offer more competitive rates on a larger loan amount across a portfolio of rental properties compared to the interest rate on individual rental loans.

To qualify for this type of property loan, a borrower should have good credit and a demonstrable track record of successful rental property management.

Purchase or Refinance a Rental Property Portfolio

Purchase or refinance of a collection of rental properties based on the cash flow performance of the properties. Consolidate multiple properties into a single loan with one monthly payment. For a refinance of a rental portfolio loan, cash out or rate and term options are available. Save time and headaches by turning multiple property loans and closings into one loan from a single lender. Own your real estate investments, don’t let them own you!

Rental portfolio loans typically are not suitable for fix and flip loans or other short-term real estate investment projects. When thinking about aggregating multiple properties into a portfolio, the investor should plan to keep them together as a group for at least several years. It is difficult to remove parts of a rental property portfolio (i.e. selling one rental) without impacting the entire portfolio loan grouping.

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