100% Financing Fix & Flip Loans – Real Estate Investing

Are you a real estate investor looking for no money down (100% financing) on a fix and flip project?

The typical fix and flip loan for a real estate investment project requires 10-25% down on the purchase price, depending on the previous rehab experience of the applicant as well as the personal credit score.

In almost all such purchase and rehab loans, the rehab costs component is funded at 100% and available in draws after the rehab is completed (partially in stages or fully).

This kind of “normal” fix and flip deal is readily available to any investor. There are not many lender programs available for 100% fix and flip financing. You may find a local private lender / investor who is willing to fund a loan at such a level, but generally this kind of capital is severely limited. The best options are the hard money lenders that may offer a 100% fix and flip financing program.

We have a fix and flip loan program that can offer 100% financing to real estate investors with the following details:

  • no previous rehab experienced required
  • 100% LTC (loan to cost) financing (up to 75 % ARV on a hold/refinance exit strategy)
  • credit of 650 or more required for base terms (600-649 is available with a fee surcharge)
  • property located in certain metro areas of 10 states (AL, AR, GA, IN, MO, NC, NM, OH, TN, TX)
  • no income verification for the borrower
  • minimum loan amount $100,000
  • interest-only payment during the term
  • no pre-payment penalty
  • 1-4 unit property size only
  • reasonable closing costs
  • reasonable loan rates (and decreased rates in a loyalty program)

This could be the hard money / private lending program you need to accelerate your real estate investing activities.

Become the active and profitable flipper you want to be. Fix and flip loans may become easier for you to obtain with this program. Contact us today to get started and to see if you qualify for 100%, or visit fixandflipfinancing.com for more info.

on January 30, 2024
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