Real estate – where to invest in 2023?

Which US states and cities have the most opportunity right now?

Real estate investors are looking for locations where home prices are affordable, they get great value for their investment, and the properties are giving off sufficient cash flow with reasonable costs and expenses to maintain.

It’s always useful to get in touch with a local real estate agent or investor and shorten your learning curve and you will definitely understand the market better.

Here are some of the most popular current picks for real estate investors:

    • Ohio (Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland)
    • Tennessee (Nashville and east to Knoxville)
    • Florida (Jacksonville, Tampa)
    • Alabama (Birmingham, Huntsville)
    • Oklahoma (Tulsa, OK City)
    • Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, some parts of Houston, San Antonio
    • North and South Carolina

It’s always interesting to see which formerly hot markets cool off while others gain momentum and attention. What will 2023 bring for real estate investors? 

on January 27, 2023


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